Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Aiden's Photoshoot at 1 month

My nephew, Aiden born 5 lb. 13 oz. He was such a peanut... This photoshoot was great with the natural sunlight that I didn't use any flash on him. It wasn't too bad of a session. Aiden didn't cooperate at first but towards the end, when he got tired, I was able to great great shots when he starts to sleep. :)

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Whole New World!

Last Year on February 26, our daughter Isabelle Alexis Kong came into our lives. It was such an amazing labour story that I can go on and on and on.

We're so happy that she came into our lives. We really thank God for her. She's very precious to us. Next month, she will be turning 1 year old already. How time flies! :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Shoes that I wish I had during my Wedding!

Wish I had gone away from traditional formal shoes during my wedding than to go for the funky shoes!! I love these vintage shoes. It's a piece of ART! Check out some picks from Rachel Simpson's Shoe collection! It's like Vintage Hollywood. The red just adds a touch of glamour and it'll come in handy to create some FUN shots! :) The lace like-fan has some great detailing as well. :)
Another vintage inspired shoes by Hey Lady. So unique for a perfect wedding! :) https://www.shopheylady.com/shoes.php

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

We Inspired Each Other!!!

Other photographers that I like the style for candid engagement and wedding shoot. I would like to play and experiment with the lighting of the sun. It's the glow that makes this engaged shoot more intimate. The expression on her face is just fabulous! How about giving them the distance, the privacy ?? (below photo) This helps to show environmental portraiture and their surroundings. Caroline Joy just capture these moments and inspired me to do so. Check out her great work at www.carolinejoyphotography.com
Jasmine Star is another good Wedding Photographer. Coming from Graphic Design background, I love how she adds some graphics in her photos to create a story. www.jasmine-star.com/#/weddings/
(BOTTOM RIGHT): I LOVE the silhouette behind the umbrella shot created by the sun. It's just adorable! makemoments.wordpress.com/2009/03/27/another-awesome-engagement-shoot/ (BOTTOM LEFT): I lOVE the play with water reflection. It just adds character to the photo. heatherarmstrongphotography.com/blog/?p=3112

Sending out my LOVE for Taiwan Engagement Photography!!!

I never told you why I became having an interest in Wedding Photography. I got engaged in year 2008 and I was excited to take my engagement photos. The popular Chinese trend at the time and still is, is to get all glam up and shoot for almost entire day at different scenery. There are Chinese Professional Photographer in Toronto who provide the same service as well. However, the scenic backdrop from Taiwan cannot be beat! Take a look at some of my photoshoot in December 2008. I literally felt like a superstar! :) My photoshoot team consist of a Makeup Artist, a Photographer Assistant, a Professional Photographer and a Personal Taxi Driver to drive us from one spot to next. It was an awesome experience! Best part about getting marry! I get to pick out four dresses, and my husband two suits (black and white) and his own casual outfit for the entire photoshoot. Each dress, the makeup artist will provide a brand new hairstyle and makeup! Here are some shots below of my husband and I. :)
Catherine Studio in Taiwan had inspired me to get into Wedding industry. However, the techniques and styles that I learned so far in class in Toronto is a bit different. I hope to combined both of these techniques together and come up with my own style. Afterall, Wedding Photography (art) is subjective ! :) There is no right or wrong! Whatever keeps me inspire and keep going!!! Check out some other shots and angles that Catherine Studio had taken my breath away. A lot of the shots are pose, but at the same time gives me the dreamy, glamour feeling. I LOVE IT!

Colours ! Colours ! Colours!

Is graffiti vandalism or does it add playful elements to city landscapes? To me, it's more of the art that contributes to the lifestyle we carry in Toronto. Almost every corner I encountered wall art as I take a stroll on a sunny afternoon. These are some few spots which I think will look awesome for an engagement shoot or wedding shoot session. The colours are so vibrant and playful that it'll just add interests to the photos!!! I can see some potential candid shots in these.
Courtesy of ...Art Child - Bacon
Not only graffiti art are interesting, but I came across these vines on the wall. I really love the vibrant green against the old building.
More wall art, but instead of brick texture. I love the lines of the wood texture. (left) I can play with the horizontal line, leading line at this angle as the couple lean against the wall.

Friday, May 27, 2011

grocery experiences in a whole new world...

I was shopping at Loblaws the other day and came across some great splash of colours in this grocery store. This would be a new whole experience for both myself and my couple. Why minimize a shooting place if there are significance to any couple? This will help prepare me if I ever get ask to shoot at grocery stores. :)
Concept 1: Fruits and Veggies are always colourful - Imagine the moment when the couple are picking out their fruits & veggies?... Contemplating what & what not to buy?
Concept 2: Fun and yummy Ice Cream Zone - Imagine the moment when the couple dressed in their matching outfits holding ice cream cones feeding each other? or if they are mad, ice cream on his face? either way...it'll be a funny moment! After making a mess, we'll need to clean up the messy clothes with some TIDE detergent! :) How about wheeling the bride-to-be in the grocery cart?? having a blast!! Concept 3: Joe Fresh collection are Fresh and Bright - Shopping for grocery and clothes are part of starting a life together as a couple, later on may need to shop for kids clothes :) If this is where the couple meet at Loblaws, it'll have a real sentimental value to them. Imagine the couple picking out their matching outfits? rolling down their shopping cart super fast down the aisle? Or will Groom-to-be pose right beside the mannequin ?
Concept others: other ideas in bookstore and furniture, home furnishing shops.